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"Family is not an important thing...It's Everything

In 2010, I married my incredible wife Emily. We've been blessed with three daughters, Parkyr, Dylinn, Lennyn and my son Rhyce.  We enjoy spending time together with friends, family, attending church, and being active in our local community.  I can’t even describe the impact that family and friends have had on my life, and that’s why family is not an important thing, it's everything!

Before starting my career with MassMutual in 2013, I served as a sales representative for Nestle, USA Corporation, the largest grocery goods company in the world.  I maintained a route that produced 1.6 million dollars in revenue covering territories in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois.  After a successful career with Nestle, and persevering through an accident at work, I decided to explore a more entrepreneurial route which gave me the opportunity to have more personal impact, career independence, and control of my financial future.  


I achieved the Mass Mutual primary performance benchmark, Leaders, my first year with MassMutual. The Leaders award recognizes the top performers in our firm.  Because of my demonstrated leadership behaviors, I was also chosen to enter the MassMutual Leadership Development Fellowship program. During a re-alignment with MassMutual, the local General Agent decided to move to Clarksville. It was at that point I became an entrepreneur. I opened MidWest Financial Group, LLC to be able to provide my clients with multiple carriers to fill their needs.


I grew up in Paducah, Kentucky and attended Lone Oak High School in McCracken County. I attribute much of my success from my time on the tennis team, coached under the famous Larry Heflin. While at Lone Oak, our program was ranked 19th in the nation. While achieving and competing at such a high level was amazing, Coach Heflin taught us the importance of focus, leadership, and patience. I believe he is the reason I enjoy coaching and educating clients on an efficient process in order to maximize their income in retirement. 


After high school, I chose to go to a local school and earned my USPTA (United States Profession Tennis Association) license to coach - instead of playing collegiality.  I saw the impact Coach Heflin had on everyone, and I wanted to give back! After receiving my associates degree from WKCTC in Paducah, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Marketing, and my Master's degree from Tulane University.

I always love seeing others succeed, especially those that I have taught or coached throughout the years.  I am still active in coaching locally, and this will continue to be a part of my life.


In my practice, by teaching clients how to be more concise and informed on their decisions I get to experience their enjoyment knowing that the path we choose, will ultimately lead them into a better retirement.

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