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"I educate my clients on a strategy to maximize their income in retirement."

Managing Partner/Founder
Matthew Barks

A Thought on Retirement


“Our approach to saving is all wrong. We need to think about monthly income, not net worth.”

Dr. Robert C. Merton

American Economist
Harvard Business Review Contributor
Economic Sciences Nobel Prize Laureate


Why is Strategy so Important


All of us only have a finite amount of money. Inefficiencies cause major losses to occur. We must be efficient in where we allocate our money in the short time we have to save for your retirement plan. Inefficient losses can be reflected in:

  • Lower Current Lifestyle

  • Lower Retirement Income

  • Inadequate Protection

  • Financial Vulnerability

How Significant is Efficiency?

Someone might be able to create $75,000 a year of retirement income based on current savings with an inefficient process.

The same individual could create $125,000 a year of retirement income with an efficient process using the same amount of savings. Let's look at an example.

Let’s say you saved $1,000,000 at the time of your retirement. Traditionally you take out the safe annual withdraw rate,  3-4%, a year which is $30,000 – $40,000. With the inflation adjustment, people who make $100,000 yearly to support their lifestyle today need to be making $180,000 annually in 20 years with 3% inflation.

The Problem with One Economic Power® (Traditional Financial Planning)


The 3-4% Rule                        


Let's say you saved $1,000,000 at the time of your retirement. The industry has told us a safe withdrawal rate is 3-4% to generate income. This means you would withdrawal $30K - $40K a year.



With Inflation Adjustment, if you make $100,000 to support your lifestyle today, you'll need to earn $180,000 annually to equal the impact of inflation.

For the desired lifestyle of $180,000 and at a 3.5% distribution rate, you will need to accumulate $5,000,000 in assets to retire and maintain your current lifestyle.

How feasible does this path sound running your own numbers? Is this the path you would want to stay on if you had the choice?

So let’s get started! Together we will establish an understanding, define your goals, and begin to implement a plan that will move you closer to an optimal financial life.

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